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Props to the Unpoetical

9 September 2021

If anyone who writes or aspires to write hasn't heard of WriterCon, held every year in Oklahoma City at the beautiful, historic Skirvin Hotel, let me tell you ... It's a blast! Not only do you have opportunities to meet and establish contact with editors and agents, but you also have the extraordinary opportunity to learn. And let me tell you, no matter where you are in your writing career, you can still learn! They cater to every writer's need, from Marketing & Business to the ABC's of writing fiction and my personal favorite this year ... Apps for Authors!

For more information on WriterCon, you can visit the Red Sneaker Writer's page here:

So, what does this have to do with the above stated title, you may ask? Well, WriterCon also has contests in almost every writing category. Now, I write novels - those pesky metaphoric characters in my head just won't shut up most of the time, but every now and then, I seem to wax poetic. I've never claimed to be a poet, but have great respect for them. Two of my favorite poets are Edgar Allen Poe & Robert Frost. I could go on and name E.E. Cummings & Sylvia Plath to the top of my list as well. I didn't have a novel to enter this year, but I did have some poetry I'd been working on. I decided "what the heck?" Let's enter a few, throw them at the wall if you will, and see if anything sticks. Well, dang! I've never been more surprised in my life when one of my poems got Honorable Mention in the Poetry category. Cheese & rice, that was a nice gift to my flagging ego! Below is the poem.

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Thanks for reading my Things a Writer Who Dislikes Blogging Blogs About blog!

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