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Poems from a Girl in the Box


In the aftermath of the Big Crash, the President of the United States declares martial law. The National Guard rounds up citizens who are never heard from again. While fear and chaos reign, a small band of revolutionaries rise up to resist.

Lacy Monroe, barely out of high school, never saw herself as a leader. All that changed after the Big Crash. When the rest of her family fled, she remained on the farm, the last piece of land in the state holding out against the hostile government. Alone and vulnerable, she endures a horrific attack, yet survives and offers sanctuary to others like herself—until an old friend turns her world upside-down.

Jace Cooper has harbored a secret for years—he is completely in love with his best friend’s sister. The world is crumbling around them, no one knows how long they will survive, and all he wants is to protect Lacy and stay with her.

With the National Guard circling ever closer, hunger and sickness taking a toll, and betrayal and jealousy threatening to destroy the group from the inside, the struggle to hold onto the farm pushes them to the brink. And Lacy is keeping a secret so devastating it could drive Jace to unthinkable actions. Is the farm a safe asylum—or will the fight for freedom destroy them?

Love Is ...

by Susy Smith


No perspective, a

Ground Zero, a nukes fallout.

A red rose garden.


Kaleidoscope bright,

A drop of dew in sunlight.

Daisy petals fall.


Like crashing sea waves,

Break apart against stone cliffs.

A rose-gold sunset.


Like a heart, frozen,

The sun sets on the broken.

A fire consumes.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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